Best Race Bling 

Real Miles. Real Medals. Real Simple.

With THE FIGHT RUN, we have teamed up with a powerful organization that helps women fighting Breast Cancer in many ways from tangible resources to emotional support. We have committed to sponsoring at least two wigs for the WIG OUT program @ Don't be a Chump!  Check for a Lump! which gives FREE wigs to ladies who want them.  We are also giving you the opportunity to contribute towards their mission during checkout.  HOWEVER, if you would rather made a direct contribution and receive a tax deductible receipt, go for it!  You can complete your miles anywhere and anytime.  Go all out to keep yourself healthy and reduce stress, or take the kids on a stroller ride to enjoy the great outdoors.  We suggest using the Charity Miles App to create a greater impact for the charity of your choice.  It's YOUR goal! Medals and bibs ship every Saturday. 

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Wig Out Client Video